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January 27th, 2024

an afternoon with laws whiskey House


Whiskey Tasting at The Stanley Poster.png

Date: January 27th
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: The Pavilion at The Historic Stanley Hotel

 Embark on an unparalleled whiskey journey at "An Afternoon With Laws Whiskey House," an exclusive event hosted by The Historic Stanley Hotel, The Vault, and Laws Whiskey House.

Join us at The Pavilion for an intimate exploration into the rare and curated world of Laws Whiskey House within The Stanley's private collection.

Guests will have an opportunity to taste a newly bottled Stanley barrel pick of Laws 10-year-old 4-Grain Bourbon, which will also be available for purchase exclusively to attendees of the event!
Book now & savor the memories with a complimentary commemorative glass
a token of a truly unique experience! 

Welcome Reception: Guests arrive and are welcomed with a signature welcome cocktail featuring Laws Whiskey before the seminar.

Meet & Greet with the Distillers: Kick-off the event with a personalized meet & greet with Laws Whiskey House's Alan Laws, Jason Cody, Sam Porier, and James Kunz. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and deepen your understanding of Laws Whiskey.


Introduction by Alan Laws: Gain a unique perspective from the Founder and CEO of Laws Whiskey House, Alan Laws, as he shares the vision and journey of creating one of the most distinguished whiskey brands in Colorado.

Crafting the Grain with Jason Cody: Join Jason Cody, President/CEO of Colorado Malting Company, as he explores the crucial role of malted grains in shaping the flavor profile of Laws Whiskey.

The Art of Distillation with Sam Porier: Sam Porier, Head Distiller at Laws Whiskey House, guides you through the intricate distillation process, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how Laws Whiskey achieves its exceptional quality.

Mastering Blends with James Kunz: Delve into the world of blending with James Kunz, Head Blender at Laws Whiskey House. Learn about the meticulous process of creating harmonious and distinctive whiskey blends.

Tasting Experience: Immerse yourself in a guided tasting session featuring an array of Laws Whiskey expressions led by the experts themselves.

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